Welcome to my little tumblr haven... where I vent, laugh, cry, spazz and de-stress. The stuff here are 90% Captain Swan or Colin O'Donoghue stuff and 10% random things -- illustrations, photographs, food, beautiful people, books and whatnot. Small warning, I might be a bit of a tag abuser. :)) I'm tag-happy person.

"Just because it's happening inside your head... doesn't mean it isn't real."

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Ten pictures that will make you love advertising

There once was a man who lived a life so strange it had to be true. 


Emma picks off piece of lint from Hook’s coat

[cs theme plays]

Hook holds door open for Emma

[cs theme plays]

Emma and Hook are in the same room

[cs theme plays]

Oral Tics



There is a puppy playing in a ball pit

You all need this on your dash :D

EVERYONE needs a puppy playing in a ball pit on their dash. 

requested by anon - Killian’s heartbreaking faces

What girl gets to love a true pirate- Jennifer Morrison.

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